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No Spin, Just Evidence

We seek to distinguish credible findings of program effectiveness from the many others that claim to be, through an easy-to-read, no-spin digest of recent program evaluation findings.

Second RCT of ASAP program for low-income students finds large impacts on college graduation, provides actionable evidence on how to increase graduation rates nationwide

Highlights: This report highlights new findings from a large, high-quality randomized controlled trial (RCT) of the ASAP program for low-income community college students in Ohio. The study found that the program nearly doubled students’ rate of college graduation...

Large randomized trial finds “Learning Accounts” for low-income 10th graders produces sizable long-term gains in high school and college graduation

In this report we discuss exceptionally promising findings from a large randomized controlled trial (RCT) of a Canadian program—Learning Accounts—aimed at increasing the educational attainment of low-income high school students. The latest study reports[1] show gains...
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